Mx Anonymous – Love me unconditionally

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“…so many things I got to tell you but I’m afraid I don’t know how – cos there’s a possibility that you’ll look at me differently…

And you do look at me differently – you see beyond the limits of my own eyes.  You have always given me not what I want but what I need.  I’ve been afraid to ask for unconditional love, I now know that was because I asked for it from human beings.  This ask was too much, it’s where my fear lives and where the possibility of being looked at differently can come with judgement and rejection. 

I no longer hold on to the belief that self love is a destination but rather a continuous complex journey and so I require your sign posts on the many roads I have to travel. I’m asking you to love me before I can, love me unconditionally, without conditions.  Care for me through my stagnation, my fucked up thoughts, my obsessions with self and the limitations I impose upon myself.  Support me freely and without judgment through my anger and self-centredness for these are the times I forget that your love for me surpasses all.  

Teach me when I don’t understand love; when I can’t see it, feel it or be it. Please remind me that love is you and all you do with, through, for and on behalf of me.  Remind Orisha to remind the Egun to remind Ori to remind me that I am loved unconditionally in all of my forms – unconditionally loved.  Remind me that I am growing in love through the transitions of all seasons and so I must touch, embrace and caress each element because through them all you are loving me unconditionally. Love without conditions – unconditional love. 

Ase Ase Ase O